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Our Story

Sierra VanCo is located in Bishop, CA at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Founder Alex Abrams was raised on the east coast, and in 2017 he packed most of his belongings into a van and ventured off to travel and explore the country. After his experience living in vans and engaging in long-term nomadic travel, Alex gained an understanding of the importance of having a functional and aesthetic living space in any travel vehicle. From this understanding, the idea for our business was formed. Our goal is to create high quality, beautiful, and functional mobile tiny homes for anyone who has ever been curious about the joys of vanlife. We call the Sierra Eastside our home, and these mountains are our playground. We want to build you the van of your dreams for all of your adventures on the Sierra Eastside, and beyond.

Our Process

We use only the highest quality natural and non-toxic building materials in our van conversions. Every component in our vans is custom built and designed with a high level of detail and consideration for ergonomics and livability. We always use precious woods and hardwood face frames wherever possible, high quality mineral wool insulation, and state of the art electrical components in every part of the build.

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