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Are you available for custom work?

Our focus is building vans using our own design and offering those vans for sale to our customers once the build is complete. This gives the customer the best possible price and also the option of adding on to a solid starter van at a later time. We may take on custom work if the timing is right for us. For all custom work, you bring us the van and we work on it for you. Contact us if you are interested in custom work, and we will do our best to work with you. Custom work is typically more expensive than our pre-built vans because of the additional time required to draft a custom layout, and time spent perfecting your design.

How much do your vans cost?

We offer three different lines of converted vans, Eastside, Sequoia, and Yosemite. The prices vary depending on the exact features, age of the vehicle, and mileage. Generally, Eastside vans run between $50,000-$59,995, Sequoia $60,000-$74,995, and Yosemite $75,000-$89,995. The price always includes the van itself and everything inside.

Do your vans come with a toilet and shower?

We sometimes include a composting toilet in our conversions. We do not offer shower stalls or outdoor showers at this time. Check the ad for the van your are interested in for more information, all of the features will be listed under the ad. If the feature you are looking for is not listed, the van does not include it.

Is the electrical system in your vans powerful enough for my needs?

The electrical systems in all of our vans will run all of the included appliances (fridge, fan, lights, stove) as well as charge your laptop, phone, camera, etc. You will not run out of power, even if you get caught in a few days of bad weather (where your solar panels are not receiving any sunlight). Our vans can also run most small household appliances. Check the wattage rating on your appliances against the wattage of the inverter to be sure. For example, if the van you are looking at includes a 2000 Watt inverter, you can run any household appliance up to 2000 Watts. Most household microwaves run at around 1000 Watts. 

I like a van that you have for sale, can you add _____ for me?

Generally the answer is yes, as long as your desired addition does not require a major overhaul of the layout or running additional wiring or plumbing lines. Examples of features we can add easily include: tables, heaters, additional overhead cabinetry, bug nets, and shelving. We cannot add AC units or showers to existing builds. We will quote you for the time and materials cost and add this to the purchase price. We do encourage our customers to purchase the van and take it on a few trips to get a better idea of what your needs are, then bring it back to us for additions.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we are partnered with SweetPay to offer financing directly to our clients. To see if you qualify, click the link below. Doing so will not affect your credit, and the interest rates offered are competitive.

I like a van that you have for sale, but my budget is $______?

100% of our vans sell at asking price. We know the market well and price our vans as fairly as possible. If you look at what other companies are offering, you will notice that our prices are very competitive. If you cannot afford a van that we have for sale, check back later and we may have one priced in your budget! Or, you may contact us if you are interested in building something custom within your budget.

What vans do you have available right now?
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